Sunday, 10 January 2010

Justice for Ian Stafford! (And if not justice then a bit of bloody perspective)

On february 5th, Ian Stafford, the ex-mayor of Preesall in Lancashire, will be sentenced after admitting breaking into a number of women's homes and stealing their underwear. The sort of sexual hysteria that tends to accompany stories like this means that Stafford is now likely to receive a fairly lengthy custodial sentence and one would have to concede that his job as a handyman/gardener is also in some jeapordy.

This unfortunate young man has now been branded as some sort of pathetic heteroclite for indulging in what is, put simply, a bit of harmless foolery. Foolery which in my day would have got him nothing more than a swift clip round the ear, a shoe up the jacksie and a couple of soiled negligees to send him on his way. As I see it, the case against Stafford seems to rely on the assumption that he was getting some sort of sexual gratification from his activities but, having indulged in similar behaviour for many years, I can assure you that any sexual pleasure derived from fingering a spinster's smalls is fleeting, and soon gives way to a kind of empty, shallow compulsion. Like drinking on a weekday or a Paul McCartney tour.

Of course, if these self styled 'modern girls' with all their opinions and their equal rights were a bit more bloody accomodating then this sort of thing would never go on. Stafford was an elected Mayor for christ's sake, it should have been pussy on-tap.

As someone who has been contemplating stepping into the local political arena for some time I can assure you that horror stories such as this do nothing to attract the sensible observer.
I wonder how many other potentially brilliant political strategists have been put off because of this unyielding desire to expose his every casual perversion?

What an absolute disgrace. If I had the money and I knew how to I'd get T-shirts printed with slogans and all sorts.


  1. Assuming this blog to be serious I think you should be in the next cell to the bastard when he is banged up.

    Harmless foolery? You are as sick as Stafford.

  2. Hi,

    a little harsh perhaps Gregg!

    You must remember that we all have our own standards and that:
    espouses the standards of the gutter with no consideration of perversion, theft, burglary may merely denote a lifetime supported or supporting Nooo Labour and its serial corruption and dishonesty.

    Our Government has much to answer for and for as long as they are stealing public money by the £Billion to fund their chums it is hardly surprising that the likes of the odious Ian Stafford, this imbecile masquerading as British Coal! and the like do not understand the difference between right and wrong.

    Greg L-W.

  3. I met my wife when she caught me goining through her underwear cupboard at a party a few yeas ago. She loves my little habit, but I don't burgle houses for them.

  4. Hang on! I specifically set the privacy settings for this blog to reject vapid comments from people called 'Greg' and all other 'fashionable' American variations of the name('Gregg' 'GReg' Greeg')

    How on earth did you boys get through?

  5. Innocent? Are you joking? He burgled womens homes and stole their underwear! He also pleaded guilty so he knows better than you.

  6. Only 2 years for the pervrted little misfit? Should have been banged up for at least 10 years and medical castration.